The students in Dunboyne Senior Primary School are currently working towards their third Green Flag which focuses on the theme of water conservation in the home, in school and in the wider community. Having previously worked on the different themes of litter and waste and energy saving, the whole school community are working together to achieve our aim of conserving as much water as possible. We do this by ensuring taps are turned off and basins are used in our classroom sinks. Our water monitors are working hard to keep an eye on dripping taps all around the school. Our Green Schools Committee also meets regularly to discuss ways of raising awareness among the students around the area of water conservation. A very successful Water Week was held earlier in the year where lessons around this topic were taught in each class and a slogan competition was held to come up with a catchy phrase to help us in our efforts to become more water aware. The winning slogan was “Bippity Boppity Boo! Who left the tap on? Was it you?!”. 

Along with keeping up our efforts of recycling and saving energy, we are very motivated to show our great work in water conservation and also to achieve our next Green Flag!